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  • Robertson

    Of course we worked on Mandela Day!

    July 20, 2020

    Once again, Mandela Day did not go by without Team WRAD doing service somewhere in Worcester.

    This year Worcester Radiology staffers went to Lena Johnson’s Care House in Avian Park to assist with the daily task of dishing up 150 cooked meals.

    We are also proud to have succeeded in providing 10 000 Meals for Mandela Week to 2 000 children of 11 Early Childhood Development feeding schemes throughout Worcester, with the support of RCL Foods.

    Both the 10 000 meals and the day of dishing up formed part of the TLC community project, which was initiated in April to assist families who lost their income due to the lockdown, and to provide hot meals to children in impoverished communities. The project is a joint initiative between local churches, businesses, NGOs and individual volunteers, and will run at least until the end of August.

    At the time of publishing this article, the project was providing support to the value of R75 000 per month, including 20 000 soup kitchen meals per month and food parcels to sustain 1000 individuals across the community.

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