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    Rolling up our sleeves for Mandela Day 2018

    July 26, 2018

    Worcester Radiology chose a new coat of paint for a crèche classroom as their Mandela Day 2018 project.

    The WRAD team put in four shifts at the ACVV Bollieland Crèche and gave walls and classroom furniture a much-needed layer of fresh paint.

    The project was a continuation of 2017’s Mandela Day project, which entailed the WRAD team’s painting of an adjacent classroom.

    Work was started on July 18 and finished on July 25. Worcester Radiology would like to thank Juanita Lacock of Multiblinds & Décor for helping with figuring out the colour scheme, and Michael Olivier, who does regular maintenance at the practice, for his helping hand with this project too.

    Here are the highlights:

    And a short video:

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