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    Dr. EP Bouwer started practicing as a radiologist at Eben Dönges Hospital in January 1973, while simultaneously running a private practice. During 1985 he relocated the practice to 52 Durban Street.

    Once the Medi City Hospital Worcester opened its doors on the 1st of May 1987, Dr Bouwer relocated the practice to this hospital, from which premises we are currently practicing under the name of Dr Cronje and partners t/a Worcester Radiology.

    Dr Fred Cronje joined Dr Bouwer's practice on the 1st of May 1993 and they practiced under the name of Drs Bouwer and Cronje until the date of Dr Bouwer's retirement on 31 of March 1998, at which stage Drs Blomerus and Louw joined the practice.

    We acquired our 1st mammography unit during May 1993 and the 1st CT scanner was installed in January 1995. The Medi City hospital was taken over by the Medi Clinic Group during the same year, were after the hospital was renamed to Worcester Medi Clinic.

    We subsequently expanded our business interests by opening satellite practices in Ceres during 1995 and Swellendam during 1998. The 1st MRI in Worcester was installed during March 1998.

    Following its expansion, a 4th radiologist and partner, Dr Joubert, joined the practice on 1 May 2002.

    In 2016 we started to provide screening services for theatre procedures to Advanced Health Centre, Worcester.